Trenton Over 30

The Trenton Over 30 Hockey League has been in existence since approximately 1969.  The league has 7 teams and is a no checking league which utilizes a 3 line system.  All players are re-drafted each year.

The league is primarily for players 30 years of age or older of which there is a predominance.  The league does allow players under 30 years of age if said player is classified as a 2nd or 3rd liner.  We classify all players prior to the start of the league play so that each player is competing against players of his caliber.  Age is of no consequence on the 2nd or 3rd lines due to our method of classifying each player. 

There is a pre-season skate at which time the players are classified and rated.  There is then a public draft which is conducted.  Every effort is made to have a fairly even caliber of players on each team.

The games and pre-season skates are at Trenton's Kennedy Ice Arena.  

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