Trenton Over 30

The Trenton Over 30 Hockey League has been in existence since approximately 1969. The league has 7 teams and is a no checking league which utilizes a 3 line system. All players are re-drafted each year.

The league is primarily for players 30 years of age or older of which there is a predominance. The league does allow players under 30 years of age if said player is classified as a 2nd or 3rd liner. We classify all players prior to the start of the league play so that each player is competing against players of his caliber. Age is of no consequence on the 2nd or 3rd lines due to our method of classifying each player.

There is a pre-season skate at which time the players are classified and rated. There is then a public draft which is conducted. Every effort is made to have a fairly even caliber of players on each team.

The games and pre-season skates are at Trenton's Kennedy Ice Arena.

2019/20 Stewart Cup Champs - Lozon TrueValue


With all the chaos involving C19 and the rink re-opening next week, I'm really not rushing to get us back on the ice. I spoke with Tim Beaker and he is setting up a two week trail with all the youth associations to try and gauge how the new practices and protocols are going to work. I did tentatively reserve six sheets of ice for our preseason / draft skates. Times are not set but the days are Monday through Wednesday the first two weeks of October. With either the second Tuesday or Wednesday reserved for new players only. (If we have enough)

Second order of business, I've only gotten returning responses from roughly half of the league. Coaches if you could please reach out to your players from the previous season and get a list of players planning on returning.

No updates on Draft Dates or Locations. I'm waiting on returning responses. The Coaches meeting will be held after the draft skate. Again no updates on date or location.

Any other questions or concerns please feel free to Email or text Joe or myself.


Troy Ditner

2019-20 Championship game moved, Year End Party Canceled

Due to the Corona-virus scare Trenton has suspended all activities at Kennedy Ice Arena for the weekend. This means the championship game has been moved to the Ice Box on 3/13 at 8:00 PM with the awards banquet being postponed to a later date. . Sorry for the inconvenience.

Congratulations to Lozon True Value on winning the 2019-20 Regular season title.

2019-20 Rosters




Longton Law

Expert Mechanical

Lozon True Value


USA Hockey Registration

Register USA number with league

League Dues

$300.00 Due by 10/1

Remaining $100.00 by 12/15

Goalies $75.00

2019 Draft Results

2019 Draft

Draft will be held on Thursday September 26th, 7:30 at Mr. Nicks.

All food and drinks will have to be purchased at Mr. Nicks.

Everyone is welcome.

Mr. Nicks

1926 West Rd.

2018 - 19 Playoff Champs

Congratulations to Coach Brian Smolarz, Coach Joe Bazner and the rest of Big Al's on winning the 2018-19 Trenton Over 30 Regular Season and Playoffs.