League History


Jim Cook and Bob Stewart approached the Trenton Recreation Dept and requested some ice time, which they were granted and subsequently formed a hockey team composed of T.H.A. coaches. They competed against teams from Wyandotte and Ecorse.

(Co-team organizer Bob Stewart is a young pup at the age of 41)


Three teams were formed in Trenton and competition existed among the three teams only. All games were at the Kennedy Arena.

A/B/C lines are established.

Referees are paid before the game after everyone drops a couple bucks in the middle of the locker room floor.


During this time we had an annual game with the Red Wings Old Timers at the Olympia stadium


One team was added, making it a four team league.

There are 5 A liners, 7 B liners, and 6 C liners per team.


The Recreation Dept. began charging $40 per session. Prior to this there was no charge for ice time.


One team was added making it a five team league.


The ice fee was increased to $55 per session. The Trenton Recreation Dept. asked the Trenton Over 30 Hockey League if they would consider paying for a new scoreboard to which they agreed. Total cost was $1326 of which $726 was paid in 1990 and the remaining $600 was paid in 1991. It was mounted on the east wall of the Teifer rink.

The league banquet moved from Captain’s Pub to Mr. Nick’s.


The Player Placement and Conduct Committee was established. (By no coincidence, Bruce Sondys joins the league)

Changing on the fly is established. (Prior to that a whistle blew for every line change)


The ice fee was increased to $65 per session. A $50 Non-resident fee was initiated. We lost 34 players that year because of the Non-resident fee.


The ice fee was increased to $90 per session.


The City of Trenton drops the non-Resident fee.


Shifts are reduced from 2 minutes to 90 seconds.


Two new rinks are added to the Kennedy complex. Over 30 players no longer have to play at midnight .

(Leaving more time to drink beer in the parking lot)


The ice fee is increased to $200 per session.


An Over 30 Hockey banner is hung in the new arena.

League President Bob Stewart steps down after 35 years of dedicated service at the age of 76.

The 2004/2005 season brought the retirement of one of the most respected players in the league Bobby Stewart. Many of us in the league still know Bobby Stewart and if you don't, well he could easily be spotted as the only guy wearing shorts to the rink in the middle of December. Upon his retirement the Trenton Over 30 League Playoff Champion Trophy has now been duly named "The Stewart Cup" in his honor.


A 6th team is added


If regular season games end in a tie, shootouts occur. This is the first year regular season games can be decided by a shootout.


League President, Bruce Sondys, stepped down from playing hockey in the spring. In the summer, he lost his battle with oral cancer. Bruce was the last guy you would want to go into the corners on the ice with, but the first guy you would drink beers with after the game. One of the true gentleman of the league; he and his infamous smile will be missed by all. In his honor, the regular season champ now receives the "Sondys Cup". Stathakis was the inaugrial winner of the cup in the 2012/2013 season.